Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are proud to introduce you to the new Pixelle®. Everything you know and love about our high-speed inkjet (HSIJ) paper line remains the same, but we’ve updated our look with a new, sophisticated logo and have refreshed product names and categories to make it easier to select the right paper for the right job.

It’s no surprise that HSIJ is the fastest growing segment in the paper industry today. This technology brings speed, customization, increased productivity, and superior results to our customers. Glatfelter is committed to being a leader in this segment, and we do so by providing the most diverse product portfolio in the market. With more than 30 products, Pixelle delivers superior performance, exceptional image fidelity, and unmatched value. Our comprehensive portfolio means customers don’t have to double- or sometimes triple-source for their printing needs, thus saving time and money.

We hope you’re as excited about the new Pixelle as we are. For more details on this transition, please see the FAQs below or contact us.

What is Pixelle®?

With more than 30 products, Glatfelter’s Pixelle® line boasts the most comprehensive portfolio of high-speed inkjet papers in the market. Pixelle® paper produces high-quality, vivid-color digital images with exceptional fidelity and is ideal for fast, nimble, customizable runs. The breadth of our portfolio helps customers increase productivity and profitability while exceeding quality and performance expectations.

Why change the product names?

Glatfelter has offered high-speed inkjet paper for more than a decade, and over the years we’ve customized the Pixelle® line based on customer needs. As our portfolio expanded, we introduced customers to new products at varying specifications and levels of treatment, spanning thousands of potential applications. Now, we want to simplify Pixelle® for our customers without compromising the line’s unprecedented versatility. The new streamlined names and product categories will help customers more easily select the best paper for the job at hand.

Will any of the Pixelle® product attributes change?

No, only product names are changing. The design and specifications of our high-quality Pixelle® products will remain the same.

Where do I find the new product names?

The new product names will begin to show up on acknowledgments, bills of lading, packing lists, roll labels, invoices, and anywhere you would traditionally see the product names referenced. You will see these as early as June, and we will continue to cycle first inventory out to get you the new product brands as quickly as possible.

What do I need to know about the Pixelle® line?

Pixelle® offers three different levels of high-speed inkjet paper and more than 30 products, providing our customer unparalleled printing flexibility. Our product levels include:

  • Untreated: Dependable and efficient, untreated paper is ideal for pigment-based and dye-based inkjet systems, as well as laser and offset printing.
  • Treated: Quick-drying and with enriched tones, treated paper is ideal for high-color graphics and sharp images. Works with pigment-based and dye-based inkjet systems, as well as laser and offset printing.
  • Coated: Offering exceptional quality and high color saturation, coated paper boasts enhanced image durability and a smooth surface. It’s suitable for pigment and dye inks, and our 7pt and 9pt grades meet USPS requirements.

When will I see the name changes on products?

The new names will be transitioned in our systems starting in early June; however, it may take a few months for inventory to cycle through. You may get a shipment of legacy and new names on the same pallet and/or truck.

What presses can run Pixelle®?

Pixelle® is designed to run on all high-speed inkjet printers. Our printing partners include Canon®, Kodak®, Xerox®, SCREEN, Ricoh®, and HP®.

Who do I contact if I have technical questions or any difficulties on press?

Glatfelter’s Technical Field Service professionals are available for any product performance question. They can be reached at 1-800-832-6323.

Are sample packs available?

Sample packs are available. Please contact your Glatfelter sales representative or Customer Service at 1-888-744-4246 and via email.

Can I run a trial?

Yes. Glatfelter is launching a NEW sample roll program. We now have multiple stocks available in single packs for customers to request. Please contact your Glatfelter sales representative or Customer Service at 1-888-744-4246 and via email.

Can I return old Pixelle® product?

In order to maintain supply chain integrity, Glatfelter cannot accept any Pixelle® product returns related to brand name changes only. The name is changing – not the product attributes.

Who do I contact to order?

Please call 1-888-744-4246, or email us.


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