Markets & Applications

Ready to take advantage of high-speed inkjet technology? Gain a competitive edge with dye and pigment-based inks and maintain the cost control you and your customers expect.

Since Pixelle® is engineered specifically for high-speed inkjet. It is perfectly suited for an array of applications from statements, to books, to color-critical premium marketing materials.

Plus the broad portfolio of the Pixelle HSIJ paper line allows you to dial in the perfect balance between speed, quality and ink consumption — while delivering amazing production output and lowering your overall costs.



Turn documents such as bills, statements, and purchase orders into attention-grabbing, marketing tools. These combined communications reinforce branding and focus attention because customers typically take more notice of bills than ads.



Industrial book production is one of the largest print markets worldwide and offers one of the biggest market opportunities for digital printing.


Direct Mail

Use personalized text and images in your direct mail campaigns and gain new business by producing highly-personalized, targeted mail pieces that create higher response rates and faster response times for clients.


General Commercial

This includes all types of promotional items such as flyers, brochures, spec sheets and many more. With high-speed inkjet technology and Pixelle® papers, you can customize campaigns and target customers with highly individualized content. And Pixelle is your best choice for color-critical premium marketing materials.